Nice to meet you! My name is Anna and here in the internet I go with my "artist name" Anna Landeen (trust me, it's easier than my real Finnish last name). I'm a bullet journalist/an aspiring artist from Finland on the side and a structural engineer as my main job. I'm currently finishing my master thesis in the university and working part time in a structural planning company. 

I fell in love with making videos while I was an exchange student in Japan, and after a somewhat weird journey from makeup videos to Japanese language videos, I finally found myself making videos about bullet journaling. I've been a "bullet journalist" since March 2018 and I'd say it has completely changed my life.

Making videos about bullet journaling has made me rediscover my passion for art, drawing and designing, which are all things I spend my childhood and teenage years doing (behind closed doors in my own room of course. Did I already mention I rarely leave my house? Lol) 

After working for almost two years now, I've strarted to realise that a typical 9 to 5 job doesn't seem to be the answer for me. I know I know, how typical millennial can I be. However, after starting my Youtube channel and suddenly getting more views and opportunities I had ever imagined, my dream of living creative life as a some sort of artist or entrepreneur didn't sound so impossible anymore. And after throwing myself even deeper into a self-improvement journey, I've somehow come to the conclusion that it's actually not impossible at all.

But who would want to enjoy those discoveries on their own! Instead, I've taken as one of my mission to share my journey and everything I'm learning as I go, so those of you out there who are in a similar situation in life, might find some of these things helpful. So whether you were a beginner artist or thinking about starting a side hustle from your creative skill, I'd be so happy to help you!

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